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fabian shigua andi billabong

Humberto Fabian Shigua Andi

Fabian aka “Freddy” came to the islands in the mid-90’s having never before seen the ocean. He fell in love with the laid-back lifestyle and endless supply of friendly tourists from all over the world. He quickly made friends with some of the local board riders and surfing became his new past-time. Due to a chance encounter with a group of surfers sponsored by the Australian company, Billabong, who gifted him all of their dirty laundry, he soon became known by that moniker for wearing only that brand of clothing.

After spending 20 years surfing and working in tourism on land and at sea, Billabong started his own company, Galapagos Surf Discovery, to share the best of San Cristobal Island with the travelers from around the globe.

Alethea Smartt was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. She had an inexplicable urge to get out and explore the world at a young age. Since her first trip to Europe at age 15, she dreamed of a life of adventure. After visiting almost 100 countries, she finally made it to Galapagos, one of her original “bucket list” destinations. As fate would have it, she fell in love, and now calls the islands home. Known locally as Alicia, she is fluent in English, French, and Spanish. She is the administrative and organizational backbone of the company.